See Moir Music: May-ish 2021

The end is in sight?

The end of the pandemic, that is.

Dropping in to say hello since I’ve been grooving to several things on repeat that I wanted to share.

In the world of new music, I’ve been digging the following:

I’ve been a lot more sporadic with my music discovery and everything else lately. I’ll be fully vaccinated by the end of May, and it seems like shows of some sort will be more consistently back by the end of the year. 2019 was a year in which I averaged 1 show a week. In 2020 I averaged a show a month, despite the pandemic shutting all indoor venues from mid-March to the end of the year.

I haven’t been to a show yet in 2021. I want to be more intentional about how and where I spend my time, but gosh do I miss dancing. With that in mind, I’ve started making a list of artists I’d be willing to go see as things open up again and I start to feel more comfortable.

Who would I consider seeing?

  • Gilligan Moss

  • Bombay Bicycle Club

  • Franc Moody

  • Jacques Greene

  • Born Ruffians

I’ve seen all of them live before and loved the shows, so I know it’d be worth it to see them again, but also not essential since I have already seen them...

I’d also consider:

  • Jayda G

  • Parra for Cuva

  • Hammer

  • Overmono

  • Super Flu

  • Booka Shade

  • Logic1000

  • Mele (anyone from Keinemusik tbh)

  • Rodriguez Jr.

  • Elliot Adamson

Okay it turns out the bar for this is low enough where probably most artists I’ve had on repeat for the last year would end up on this list.

Who might I drop everything to see live?

  • Fred again…

  • Bicep (live set)

Trying to keep this list short for now. We’ll see.

And now, questions for you.

Do you think you’ll keep your pre-pandemic show going habits after things reopen? Who’s on your list to see?

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