See Moir Music: September Edition

Somehow 2021 continues toward the end

Still settling into going to shows again. I went to Amtrac on 9/3, which was a great choice. Decent crowd, fascinating to see him play a live show instead of a DJ set, and got to take the bus to and from.

Better experience than SNBRN but still disheartened by how few people bother to wear masks. I guess we're all a bit SF sheltered...

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Gray Area is doing another interactive workshop, this time for ambient music making with Ableton Live.

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I listened to a podcast about how Pandora does machine learning in production, which was pretty excellent. Not a ton about music, but lots to consider about music recommendations and how we define similarity. Hoping to carve out some time tomorrow for some blog post writing. Have had some great conversations lately about the meaning of genre and what it represents. It might mean something different depending on which genre you look at, since some are more narrowly defined than others. Still chewing on that. 

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